22 June 2008


Vicente Heca’s fascination with wrinkled paper goes back several decades, as demonstrated by this 1976 painting of a “D’Ag Bag.” D’Agostino’s is an old family-owned upscale supermarket chain in New York City, and the design of its famous shopping bags has evolved over the years. Their web site boasts: “No surprise that movies and television shows shot on location in New York frequently use D’Agostino stores or ‘D’AG BAGS’ to help impart a sense of New York City realism.”

Back in 1976, the D’Ag Bag was a humble brown paper bag, just the sort of thing Vicente enjoys painting. And it was great fun to be able to sell the painting to one of the D’Agostino brothers himself, at the opening of a new D’Agostino supermarket in Brooklyn. Of course, most of the money ended up back in the supermarket cash register, as Vicente couldn’t resist using the money to shop for goodies at the new store.

Recently wondering what had become of his painting, Vicente wrote to D’Agostino’s and received good news from Anderson Chung, Director of Marketing for D'Agostino Supermarkets. Mr. Chung reported that the D’Ag Bag painting was alive and well, hanging in view of his office. He kindly sent the photo of the painting shown here.

The D’Ag Bag lives on, currently in a “green” incarnation. But we still feel nostalgia for this unassuming yet moody brown paper bag with its distinctive bold design.

06 June 2008

Two Expositions Open in Valencia

Vicente in front of the Galeria Artis

Painting of Stripes by Vicente Heca at the Galeria ArteAltea

The opening of two group shows in Valencia, Spain, took place on Thursday, May 29.

1. At the Galería Artis, seven international
artists are exhibiting their work in the show
called “Conexiones” (Connections), until June 17.
Paintings, sculptures, and multimedia works are

Vicente Heca, Salvador Nadal, and Julia de la Rua
at the Galeria Artis, with the sculpture "The Slave"
by Salvador Nadal

From Australia

Jacqueline Martin-Miller de Velasco, acrylic/mixed media.
Below: Viewers examine La Poesía del Desierto Pinnacles,
which combines paint with paper handmade of plants and flowers.

Federico F. Mendoza, photomontage.

From Spain

Salvador Nadal, sculpture in natural and synthetic stone

Julia De la Rúa, watercolor paintings

Vicente Heca, acrylic paintings

From America

Jesús María del Rincón, acrylic paintings. Below: Bibi chats with
a visitor, in front of two of his paintings.

Cuca del Rincón, fine-art photography

2. Ten artists are showing at the Galería ArteAltea,
with its attractive, newly renovated space.
See the exhibition virtually at

Featured Artists

Alexis Alemany - Chelin Sanjuan - Mario Garcia Miro

Vicente Heca - Hector Fernandez - Joan Subira

Ramon Gutierrez - Paz Tejon

Jesús María del Rincón - Cuca del Rincón

Vicente Heca in front of the Galeria ArteAltea

Bibi del Rincón and Chelin Sanjuan

Vicente, Alexis, and Jose Luis of Al-Lucin Arte