26 September 2009

“Evocations”: Art Exhibition in Valencia

Artists above (left to right): Natacha, Antonio Torres Iñigo, Julian Ortiz, Tito Moreno del Muro, Raimundo Folch

If you’re in Valencia, Spain, next month, please visit the art exhibition “Evocaciones” (Evocations) of my friend and colleague Federico F. Mendoza, a Spanish multimedia artist from Australia.

WHEN: October 1-29, 2009, Mon. through Fri., 6 – 9 PM

OPENING: Thursday, Oct. 1, at 8 PM. Everyone is invited.

WHERE: Galería de Arte Natalia Gil, Calle Sevilla 11, 46006 Valencia, tel. 96-373-03-68

For a virtual tour of Federico's work, please go to ArtWebValencia. With your cursor, move the bar at the bottom of the page toward the right, and you will see a variety of his works. When you reach the end, at the far right, it says VER FOTOS INAUGURACIÓN; click on that to see photos of the opening of the show. For a review of Federico’s show (in Spanish) by R. Folch, see this page.

Left to right: Natalia (gallery owner), Vicente Heca (painter), Luis (friend of Federico), Natacha (painter).(Federico, who lives in Australia, was not at the opening).

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