12 October 2011

Vicente Herrero Heca - Pyramid Project

The Pyramid Project
Integral Environmental Awareness
This project consists of a pyramid, each of whose four sides expresses an essential component of sustainability.

The installation will be constructed and decorated on site, using photos and artwork in collage style, with the assistance of the public, who will also contribute personal graffiti, comments, and drawings.

The concept behind this artwork is Integral Ecology, an approach that unites consciousness, culture, and nature in the service of sustainability. Integral Ecology recognizes that in order to solve environmental problems, we need to be aware of the multiple worldviews of individuals (both human nonhuman), communities, and cultures, with their many different environmental perspectives.

Based on the original idea of V. Heca

Project performers:

Tonia Pérez Muñoz , Susana Berruguilla Rodríguez, Marian López Plana, Nerea Ferrando & Jaume Ferrer


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V. Heca said...

Thank you, Gloria ( Aguacate y fresas, Avocado & Strawberry)
Regards from Spain